About Us

How the OUCC functions

The Orleans Urgent Care Clinic offers IN-PERSON Medical Assessments only.

You must present In-Person for registration and for your medical assessment.

The clinic may refuse admission to persons considered a high risk of transmission of infectious disease. You must notify us immediately upon your arrival if you have a fever and have recently returned from international travel.

We do not book appointments and we do not replace your family physician.

The OUCC provides community access to urgent care for Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale (CTAS) Levels 3 to 5. This means that the OUCC functions like the walk-in section of a hospital emergency department.

The OUCC does not have facilities to admit or observe patients for prolonged periods of time. Once serious medical problems are stabilized it may be determined that it is in a patient’s best interest to be referred to a hospital emergency department for further investigation and treatment. Patients who are seen and stabilized by a clinic physician and who require additional hospital evaluation are sent to an appropriate facility after transfer arrangements have been finalized.

Sometimes patients arrange their own transportation but others may require transfer by ambulance. Click here to view our policy on ambulance transfers.

After assessment at the OUCC we may recommend to some patients that they follow up with their family physician for longer term management. Unless specifically requested by you, or by your family doctor, a copy of your treatment record is not forwarded to your family doctor.

If a medical problem requires the services of a consultant specialist, we will attempt to make arrangements for timely assessments but we do not control specialist physician’s appointment scheduling. Patients who have a Family Doctor should first consult with him / her if the purpose of a visit is primarily to obtain a referral to a specialist.

Who Do We See First?

The Clinic staff will always attempt to quickly identify and see patients with urgent problems on a priority basis; otherwise, patients are seen as “first come first served”.

Hours of Operation

The Orleans Urgent Care Clinic (OUCC) is open:
8 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday,
8 am to 3 pm Saturday and Sunday.

Capacity Closure

The OUCC may have to close earlier than our posted hours. This may occur when heavy patient volume and / or medical emergencies do not permit the safe management of additional patients presenting to the clinic. When early capacity closure occurs the OUCC will nevertheless provide health services to all patients who have registered at the time of closure and to anyone requiring immediate emergency care. The OUCC will assist non registered patients locate alternate health services.

Waiting Times

The Orleans Urgent Care Clinic cares for up to 50,000 patients every year. Our goal is to limit the waiting time, however this is not always possible.given the unpredictable nature of urgent care medicine and patient volumes.

Cost of Services

The Orleans Urgent Care Clinic provides insured health care services to residents of Ontario who have a valid Ontario Health Insurance card. We also provide reciprocal health care services to out of province residents of Canada. Quebec does not have a reciprocal arrangement with the Province of Ontario. Quebec residents must pay for services and subsequently apply for reimbursement from the Province of Quebec.

The OUCC may require that patients cover the cost of uninsured visits and / or services at the time these services are offered.

Please see our Policies regarding payment for non-insured services and for medical services provided to non Ontario residents.