OUCC Policies

“We understand that your and your family’s health is a top priority. Please see our ABOUT US for further details.”

Payment for Uninsured Services

There is a variety of services that Orleans Urgent Care Clinic (OUCC) physicians are asked to perform that are not paid for by the Ministry of Health; these include such things as off-school and/or off-work notes, completion of insurance forms, pre-employment medical examinations, etc. Patients are expected to cover the cost of these services, and will be notified prior to treatment or delivery of service. The Clinic charges standard Ontario Medical Association (OMA) rates set for such services.

Payment by Non-Ontario Residents

With the exception of some pharmaceuticals and treatment materials that may be required as well as uninsured services, there is no charge for medical treatment and/or services provided to residents of Ontario who hold a valid Ontario Health Insurance card. Your health card must be presented at each visit. Visitors from other Canadian provinces must also present their provincial health insurance card at the time of their visit to the Orleans Urgent Care Clinic.

Persons who do not have a provincial health card at the time of the visit will be asked to pay prior to obtaining health services with reimbursement upon presentation of a valid provincial health card.

The province of Québec does not participate in the Canadian provincial reciprocal payment program. Québec patients must pay for health services at the time of their visit to the OUCC. Québec patients will be given all documentation and receipts required to obtain reimbursement directly from the Régie d’Assurance Santé du Québec.

Non-Canadian visitors will be charged for medical services according to the rates set by the Ontario Medical Association. The Orleans Urgent care Clinic accepts cash, Interac, and major credit cards.

Ambulance Transfers

At times, Clinic physicians will determine that treatment at, and/or admission to, hospital is medically necessary for a patient. Depending on the nature of the condition, patients may be permitted to arrange for their own transport to the hospital; however, other conditions – as determined by the physicians – may require transfer by ambulance. Patients should note that there is a cost associated with ambulance transfers, billed directly to the patient by the Ontario Ministry of Health. 

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Patients are required to inform the Clinic if required treatment pertains to a work related injury or illness and/or a previous worker’s compensation claim.

Our Expectations of Mutual Respect

Your health is as important to us as it is to you, and we will do our utmost to treat you appropriately and in a timely manner. The OUCC expects that patients will treat each other and all clinic staff with respect.

Abusive behaviour directed towards our employees or patients, verbally or otherwise, will not be tolerated,. Any patient or family members/ friends exhibiting abusive behaviour will be asked to leave.

In the interest of respecting patient and staff privacy, we ask that everyone please refrain from taking pictures or video recordings within the clinic.