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Facilities/Services The Orleans Urgent Care Clinic (OUCC) is a free-standing privately owned facility operated by the Orleans Urgent Care Physician Associates. The OUCC is a walk-in medical clinic that deals with a full spectrum of medical and minor surgical problems. The OUCC has many of the same medical facilities and equipment available in a hospital emergency department, including a resuscitation room and is equipped to administer initial treatment and stabilization of serious and acute medical conditions such as heart attack, asthma, fractures, dislocations, lacerations and allergic reactions. The clinic also provides the same medical services as may be found in a regular walk in clinic, such as treatment of respiratory infections, skin problems and musculoskeletal injuries, and all this without the need for pre-booking an appointment. With highly skilled and experienced staff, and with on site lab, x-ray, ultrasound, and pharmacy facilities, we are able to treat patients with a variety of illnesses and injuries.OUCC physicians will provide you with immediate feedback following completion of laboratory, X-ray and ultrasound tests done within our facility.