Middle Ear Infections

This is an infection behind the ear drum. The medical term is “otitis media.” Ear infections often follow the common cold.

It may cause a fever. The pressure on the ear drum causes pain. Rarely, the ear drum can break, causing drainage of pus or fluid or blood from the ear.


Give your child the antibiotic as prescribed until it is finished. Inadequate treatment can result in hearing loss or other more serious complications like meningitis or mastoiditis.

If there is no improvement within 2 days, the child should be seen by your family doctor.

If there is an improvement, the ear should be rechecked by your family doctor in 10-14 days when the antibiotic is finished.

Acetaminophen may be given for fever or pain.

After the infection is gone, fluid may persist in the middle ear for some weeks. Your family doctor will follow this.