Scabies is a disease caused by a parasite which burrows into the skin. The itching eruption on the skin is most likely to appear between the fingers, on the wrists, above the elbows and along the belt line. Other areas can also be involved.

Scabies is spread by close contact with other infected people. This type of infestation is not necessarily limited to persons living in crowded and unsanitary surroundings.

A positive diagnosis can be made by removing the parasite with a needle and identifying it under a microscope.

Important Points in Treatment

  • In established cases, all members of the family should receive treatment at the same time. If the disease is suspected but not established, a trial on one member should be attempted first. Good response to treatment will prove the diagnosis.
  • Take a hot soaking bath with an antiseptic soap such as Dial, Zest or Phisohex.
  • Apply Kwalla Cream or Lotion, or Benzyl Bensoate emulsion to all parts of the body from the neck down with special care to areas between fingers and toes, and to the genital areas.
  • Twelve hours after Step 3, re-apply the medication but do not bathe before-hand.
  • Twelve hours after Step 4, take another soap and water bath.
  • Change all linens in the house. Boil, launder or dry clean all clothing. Iron everything not boiled.
  • Retreatment may be necessary, but is unlikely.